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Alachua County Ten-year Plan To End Homelessness

I’m not even sure what search path led me to this. Dubbed Project GRACE:

The people described in this plan — those without shelter, who are vulnerable, suffering and struggling to survive — belong to this community.

Homelessness carries a cost for all of us: financially for taxpayers, emotionally and physically for homeless persons. GRACE for the Homeless is designed to act on our compassion for our poorest neighbors. Alachua County has approximately 1,200 homeless men, women and children.

Our community has less than 350 shelter beds, which leaves over 650 people unsheltered each night.

The plan highlights the homeless statistics of our county and current resource gaps.

Kyle, the main character in Norton’s Ghost, encounters a lack of shelter beds a few times in the story. Not only did the serve as a springboard to happenings in the story, but it also hopefully makes a point: the help available to homeless people is sorely overtaxed.

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