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What defines a home?

This article about camps me wonder: What defines a home? Walls and a roof? Does it matter what they’re made out of? Or is it just a space, demarcated in any way possible, and someone saying “this is mine”?

Does the lack of owning or a legal contract (ie, lease/rent) to the space you’re in remove all rights of personal property? It’s one thing to kick someone out of a space that isn’t theirs but another to confiscate belongings.

Had this happened in a suburban home, we’d demand to see the warrant, or else it’d be illegal search and seizure.

By MARY PEMBERTON (AP) – 1 day ago

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska is proceeding with a lawsuit to prevent further raids of homeless camps in Anchorage.

The ACLU had hoped to reach an agreement with the municipality over the destruction of the camps and disposal of property belonging to the homeless. But the ACLU’s Jeffrey Mittman says no agreement was reached protecting the constitutional rights of the homeless.

The class-action lawsuit was filed with the courts last week on behalf of Dale Engle, a disabled veteran whose camp has been raided numerous times. Police took Engle’s tent and sleeping bag, along with medals and ribbons he was awarded while serving in the Army and National Guard.