How To Get The Book

Buy It Online

Read A Digital Version

Digital copies are available. Download the PDF for free at or visit Norton’s Ghost at (ebooks) where you can purchase the ebook in about 8 different standard ebook formats.

Listen To The Book For Free

The podcast / podiobook version of the novel is in the middle of production. A new episode hits every Monday. See the Norton’s Ghost Podcast category for episodes that you can download or play straight off the site, or visit About The Podcast to find other links and feeds for the podcast.

Buy It In Person

Because the book will have an ISBN number (ISBN 978-0-9843454-0-3), any bookstore should be able to get hold of a copy for you.  Just ask them if they could please order you a copy.

Borrow It

I’m interested in people reading the story, not putting a strain on finances or guilting friends and family out of money for a copy just because they’re friends or family. I will put copies out for circulation: all you have to do is contact me, tell me you’d like to read it, and provide me with a mailing address. I will send you a copy to borrow free of charge.

There’s only one catch: when you’re finished with it, you have to send it to the next person on the list. I ask that you contact me when you’re finished reading so that I can provide you with a mailing address for the next person. You should be able to ship it USPS media mail for less than $3.

If you don’t want other people to have your address, mention it when you request a copy. I’ll ensure that the copy gets returned to me and will then mail you the book myself.

I’m open to other suggestions if people have them.

Buy It From Me

I will have copies available for anyone who’s interested and doesn’t want to go one of the other routes. This allows you to pay with cash and/or avoid shipping charges. Copies direct from me are $13 (plus shipping, if applicable).