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How Homeless Used Gift Cards: An Experiment

From the article: How panhandlers use free credit cards

What would happen if, instead of spare change, you handed a person in need the means to shop for whatever they needed? What would they buy? Can you spare your credit card, sir?


Over the past two weeks, I wandered Toronto’s downtown core with five prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards, in $50 and $75 denominations, waiting for people to ask for money.

Finding Community in the Shadows

Finding Community in the Shadows

Q.How did you start photographing these homeless people?
A.I went to the International Center of Photography and enrolled in their photojournalism documentary photography program. I received an assignment called “New York Underground.” I went into several places like the subways — I actually even went into a sewer — and I went down into the train tunnel.
Amazing photography work. We need more of this.

Now that’s service: Florida doctor takes health care to the disadvantaged

Dr. Joe Greer has made it his task to bring medical care to those who can’t afford it. He’s also trying to educate the next generation of physicians and remind them that medicine is about people–something that modern medicine has begun to slip on a little bit.

His life was changed forever during his internship, when a homeless, nameless patient Greer had been treating died alone. He searched for the man’s family in shelters and under Miami’s highways, to no avail. He returned to the area recently with CNN and recalled his amazement.

“I saw a world that I didn’t know existed,” he said, recalling his search. “I was shocked. This was my own back yard.”

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97 Year Old Homeless Woman and Her Sons Finally Have A Home

A 97-year-old homeless woman who was living with her two sons in a battered 1973 Chevrolet Suburban in Venice has received a temporary home, compliments of a nonprofit Los Angeles housing group.

Photo credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

Photo credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

The LA Times posted their story on the 16th (Woman, 97, has a front seat to homelessness). By the 19th, they had a temporary residence.

If this isn’t an example of things going right, I don’t know what is. It’s just a shame that it has to get national attention before anything changes.

Originally found via the End Homelessness blog: 97 Year Old Homeless Woman Receives Housing

Homeless bicyclist was loved

It seems everyone in Edmond knew of him, but few really knew him. For years, he was just an anonymous figure pedaling the Edmond streets alone at all hours and in all kinds of weather.

Few knew his choice of bedding was a shallow creek running behind comfortable Edmond homes or under the railroad bridge on Second Street. On extremely cold winter nights, police would find him wrapped up, sleeping in a trash container.

He was as much a recognizable fixture in this town as any statue or fancy house.

And then suddenly, Bob was gone.

It’s good that people recognize that “Bob” was a person with his own story and that not everyone knew how he really lived. Hopefully this helps people look at others in the community in a different light.

And hopefully they do so before that person is gone.

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More pictures and writing: Robino Around The World in A’dam

Some great writing and photography here.

Robino Around the World is a travel-website about Robin(o) who is currently based in Istanbul.

for the love of it
robokow’s photostream)

See photos and more at Everywhere Magazine and his blog: Robino Around The World in A’dam

Train Hopping America Photo Gallery by Amelia Merrick

To go along with my post from yesterday:


Train Hopping America Photo Gallery by Amelia Merrick