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How Homeless Used Gift Cards: An Experiment

From the article: How panhandlers use free credit cards

What would happen if, instead of spare change, you handed a person in need the means to shop for whatever they needed? What would they buy? Can you spare your credit card, sir?


Over the past two weeks, I wandered Toronto’s downtown core with five prepaid Visa and MasterCard gift cards, in $50 and $75 denominations, waiting for people to ask for money.

Finding Community in the Shadows

Finding Community in the Shadows

Q.How did you start photographing these homeless people?
A.I went to the International Center of Photography and enrolled in their photojournalism documentary photography program. I received an assignment called “New York Underground.” I went into several places like the subways — I actually even went into a sewer — and I went down into the train tunnel.
Amazing photography work. We need more of this.