Homelessness Doesn’t Follow the Stereotypes

There’s an article called “Another Face of Homeless” that’s worth a read. ¬†Written by a professor of a college course who had students participate in a count of homeless people in the area, it details some of their findings and what the students learned.

When people think of the homeless, they often think of single men sleeping under the Burnside Bridge. In the agricultural suburbs of Portland, it has a different, less-visible face. While wine country tourists may not see men slumping in doorways downtown, there are families who bed down in their cars or a neighbor’s barn, and women who sleep in impromptu camps in the woods or sip coffee in all-night diners to keep warm.

Students found that homelessness exists for all manner of people in all manner of situations. The professor said, “My students also found the unexpected, and their stereotypes of homelessness were turned upside down”.

May all of our expectations be turned upside down as well so that we see what’s really going on.

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