Norton’s Ghost: Promo

This promo gives a good idea where the story is going. Don’t be fooled by the first few chapters! There’s a lot in store–stay tuned to find out.

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  1. Ron says:

    Here’s the text:

    “Where do you go when you have no where to go?


    This is the podcast novel Norton’s Ghost, by R. Canepa. Read by the author. Available at

    His world thrown into doubt with the death of his father, Kyle Dearmond takes to hitchhiking, where he finds meaning, friends, and a new direction despite the chaos of the wandering road.

    Follow Kyle down the highways of California and through the streets of San Franscisco as he tries to find his place in the world.

    His father’s passing and subsequent will shed new light on the death of his mother years before. But the will raises more questions than it answers and no one seems to know the whole story.

    Unsure where his life is going but almost certain it isn’t going back to being a college student, he takes his losses with him as he hits the road, where he travels with those who call the road home on purpose and learns from those who have fallen through the system only to become homeless and living on the streets. Interwoven between his attemps to piece together his life and its meaning are his attempts to find the necessary food and shelter, as well as dodging the dangers of a life on the road and amongst the seedy underbelly of the city of San Francisco. Counter to the difficulty and darkness are the random, kind souls that he encounters and the chance for small, brief friendships.

    Visit to join Kyle in the harsh but beautiful world of the streets and open roads.”