Corporate funders get up-close look of homeless

How do you know what you are fighting for and against unless you have seen it?

Along the way, they stopped at camps and under bridges where the homeless sleep. At the soup kitchen, they sat with homeless eating a bowl of soup and a cheese sandwich.

And they learned at least two important lessons: What it means to be poor and/or homeless in Charlotte, and how the donations from companies and thousands of Charlotte area residents are going to a noble cause of keeping people housed and fed.

“We all hear the numbers — thousands of people in Charlotte are homeless,” said Kelly Chopus, director of community relations at Goodrich Corp. and CCAP’s chair. “But when you walk on the train tracks and you see those camps and you see how people are actually living — probably through no choice of their own — it’s really upsetting that we in this community allow that to happen.”

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