An Early Review

A friend of mine had a chance to read a preview copy of the book and was kind enough to write and post a review:

Upon reading Norton’s Ghost I was more than pleasantly surprised.

I find myself using the word captivating over and over for this book, and there truly is no better word for it. This story is completely captivating. Set in California, it introduces us to a whole new view on hitchiking and travelling. Dropping all responsibilities and leaving behind all ties, a young college student named Kyle sets out on the road with a backpack, and finds a world of adventures waiting for him, nearly at his own doorstep. Through his eyes, we discover a world of varied people, some lost, others finding themselves, and most serving as teachers along the way.

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I hope this and other comments on the story will help answer the question I always get: “So, what’s it about?”

It’s hard to explain what a story is about without reciting the plot or falling into philosophical nonsense. I think it’s because an author is essentially inside of the story–has lived there for who knows how long–and just doesn’t have the same perspective as a normal reader. The view always looks much different from the outside.

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