When I created this site to promote the book, I didn’t yet have a personal website set up.

Time goes on, things change, and soon, I did.

Please visit me at http://rcanepa.net, where you’ll find updates and free fiction.

Norton's Ghost


The death of Kyle Dearmond’s estranged father sheds new light on the mother Kyle never knew. But the will his father left behind raises more questions than it answers and no one seems to know the whole story. Abandoning the life of a college student to pursue new possibilities, Kyle hits the road in search of answers and to flee the guilt that follows him. Interwoven between his attempts to piece together his life and its meaning are his trials to find food and shelter on the road. However, not all is dark within the seedy underbelly of San Francisco when Kyle finds a surrogate family he never expected. Kyle’s search will bring either answers or disaster, for the streets and open roads hold both danger and promise.